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An extraordinary journey to meet the tribes of the rural Omo Valley and experience a way of life that is rich with ritual, heritage and celebration. 
Trek through primeval forests in search of chimpanzees, golden and colobus monkeys and some of the world’s only mountain gorillas.
Experience the highlights of Kigali and the national parks of Akagera and Volcanoes to see the Big Five and the unmissable mountain gorillas.
Sample life in Kigali before traveling into two of Rwanda’s most beautiful national parks in search of chimps and mountain gorillas.
If you have only a few short days to explore Rwanda, this trip encapsulates the spirit of this breathtaking country.
A once in a lifetime wildlife experience: track wild golden monkeys in Rwanda and mountain gorillas in Uganda, and get a taste of the varying culture in each of these exceptional countries.
Visiting Central Africa’s largest protected wetland and the only savannah grassland in Rwanda is a fantastic chance to see wild game and birds.
Hiking into the volcanic mountains in search of the world’s only remaining mountain gorillas is undoubtedly an extraordinary experience.