Historic Ethiopia

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A week-long journey from Addis Ababa along the historic northern route is the perfect opportunity to take in the most extraordinary cultural sites and experiences in the country, and give you a deep understanding of Ethiopia’s past, present and future.

Start exploring with a tour of the capital, some of the finest Ethiopian food in the city and an introduction to local customs and culture.

Leaving Addis, you’ll head for the painted monasteries of Bahir Dar; hike to the Blue Nile Falls; discover the fortified city of Gondar and its exceptional architecture; explore the stunning Simien Mountains; and finish with a visit to the famous monolithic churches of Lalibela, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy plenty of local hospitality along the way.

Categories: Overnight
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Addis Ababa
Visit the must-see spots in this ever growing capital city and enjoy a feast with A Taste of Ethiopia: make sure to arrive hungry!
Bahir Dar
Look out for hippos as you cross Lake Tana for the painted monasteries. This afternoon you’ll hike to see the 42m cascade of the Blue Nile Falls, known as the Great Smoke, 'Tis Abay' in Amharic.
Fasil Castel Gondar
Surrounded by hills, the emperors of Ethiopia chose Gondar as the spot for their capital. The remarkable architecture is a blend of local, Portuguese and Indian influence, and the church of Debre Berhan Selassie has some of the finest murals in the country.
Gelada Baboon
Simien Mountains
A day trip into the Simien Mountains: a unique biosphere often dubbed the Grand Canyon of Africa. Look out for Gelada baboons, known for their long-hair and bright red chests, and other endemic wildlife. We’ll return to the city around dusk.
Dawn in Lalibela
Drive to Lalibela
One of the most scenic drives through the country takes us to the crown jewel of the northern circuit: Lalibela. Countryside roads are not the smoothest, but there’ll be plenty of opportunities to stop for coffee, food and photographs along the journey, arriving late this afternoon.
Out of the Mountains - Simien to Lalibela
Lalibela is the highlight of Ethiopia’s historical north: 11 monolithic churches hewn from the rock make up this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pilgrims and worshippers still journey to this 'New Jerusalem' today, especially during feasts in the Ethiopian Christian calendar.
Lalibela to Addis
Wander through the second cluster of churches in the beautiful dawn light before a midday flight back to Addis.


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