The Bale Mountains

What's included?

Guides, transportation, accommodation, breakfast, water.

Private Trip

Cost: from $2006 per person based on two people sharing.

Explore Lalibela – the crown jewel of Ethiopian heritage – with it’s stunning rock-hewn churches and take in some of the most stunning natural vistas in the country.

This trip is the perfect opportunity to get a sense of the history and culture of the country in just a few short days. 

You’ll spend each of the five days discovering a new city and see what draws visitors to Ethiopia from far and wide. Start with the highlights of the capital and a culinary extravaganza when you’ll sample the finest food the city has to offer; journey north to Lalibela – the ‘New Jerusalem’ of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and a UNESCO World Heritage Site of 11 monolithic churches; wander through Gondar’s seventeenth century castle, a fine example of the Portuguese and Indian architectural influence; and see the obelisks of Axum, as well as the oldest church in sub-Saharan Africa.

Addis Ababa
See the unmissable city sites and enjoy A Taste of Ethiopia: come hungry!
Ethiopian Wolf Project
Addis to Bale Mountains
Early morning departure from Addis to miss rush hour exiting Addis. Today’s a long drive, with the last portion of the drive, going through Bale Mountains National Park. Addis to BMNP headquarters is approx 7 hours drive (without stops). We’ll stop for lunch to break up the drive. From park HQ to the lodge is approx 3 hours on dirt roads. Worth mentioning, this drive is truly gorgeous, and so we should allow time for wildlife spotting. At park HQ, Erik will meet his specialized Bale Mountains guide. Bale Mountain's is special because it has four distinct eco-zones making it massively diverse. We’ll end the day driving the length of the park, crossing over Sanetti, as we head to the Bale Mountains Lodge. Overnight in the total remote wilderness. What makes Bale so special is that it has four distinct climatic zones and it is the last remaining stronghold for the endemic and critically endangered Ethiopian Wolf. These endemic wolves are extremely elusive and critically endangered with only about 600 remaining, half of which live in the Bale Mountains. Expect rain when in the Bale Mountains, and pack accordingly!
Sanetti Plateau
Enjoy a slow morning in the comfort of the lodge. We will spend today exploring the Sanetti Plateau on foot, using the vehicle to travel between the most stunning places. We do not want to be prescriptive about the program though below is one of the options. Today's highlight will be the rock formations located on top of the Sanetti Plateau. These cannot be accessed by vehicle and are a decent 2-hour hike each way, but absolutely worth it. We'll also stop at a beautiful afro-alpine lake to immerse ourselves in nature.
Full day in Bale
Another full day in the Bale Mountains. Mornings are the best weather window for exploring. You’ll end today nearby to the entrance of the park with different habitats to explore. Find chameleons in the bushes or even, mountain nyala, which always hang out near the main road just nearby to the park wardens house.
Ethiopian Wolf Project
Bale Mountains to Addis
Bigtime driving day again. However, we will take a different route back to Addis passing through the legendary running town of Bekoji, where a staggering number of Olympic gold medalist runners have been borf from, including Haile Gebreselassie, the Dibaba sisters, Kenenisa Bekele and more. Arriving in Addis, Erik to have a free evening to himself and to catch up on WiFi, good food, spa etc…


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December 13, 2023 |