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Spend time in the Bale Mountains. Ethiopia’s most diverse and stunning National Park.
An extraordinary journey to meet the tribes of the rural Omo Valley and experience a way of life that is rich with ritual, heritage and celebration. 
A week-long journey from Addis Ababa along the historic northern route is the perfect opportunity to take in the most extraordinary cultural sites and experiences in the country, and give you a deep understanding of Ethiopia’s past, present and future.
Enjoy a whirlwind cultural tour of Ethiopia as you traverse the capital, the magnificent churches of Lalibela and striking architecture of Gondar.
Spend a few days exploring modern and ancient Ethiopia: it’s food, culture and history, and the famous rock churches of Lalibela.
Journey through the Land of a Thousand Hills to discover a warm and welcoming people, breathtaking landscape, the Big Five, chimpanzees and mountain gorillas.
Experience the highlights of Kigali and the national parks of Akagera and Volcanoes to see the Big Five and the unmissable mountain gorillas.
Sample life in Kigali before traveling into two of Rwanda’s most beautiful national parks in search of chimps and mountain gorillas.
All within a few days, experience the very best of the country’s vibrant capital and a Big Five African safari.